To be the go-to agency for companies that are based in Singapore to begin, deepen and widen their understanding and implementation of CSR and Corporate Sustainability practices.

We organise a vast variety of CSR-related events and programmes that are designed to suit the needs of all the stakeholders within an organisation.

From Training programmes & Networking sessions that aid in developing the capacity of executives to fulfil their role most effectively; to Thought Leadership events which aim to add local perspectives to global trends; to Distinguished Dialogue events that create platforms for our members to interact and network with eminent speakers – our events aim to build the vision and capabilities of our member organisations in ways that will not only make the organisation sustainable but through them build a larger, more sustainable business eco-system in Singapore.


Our member activities include:

  • Anchor events
    a. The International CSR Summit
    b. Youth Forum
    c. The Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards
    d. The Young CSR Leaders Awards
  • Thought Leadership Series
  • Industry Round Tables 
  • Distinguised Dialogue Series 
  • Networking Sessions
  • Trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Master Classes 

members We have 3 main categories of membership.

  • Corporate Membership

    Open to all companies and government agencies.

    Annual fee of $250 (non-SME) and $150 (SME) 

  • Institutional Membership

    Open to all trade unions, cooperative societies or business associations.

    Annual fee of $150

  • Associate Membership

    Associate Membership, open to institutions, academia, VWOs, NPOs, NGOs and other interest groups.

    Annual fee of $100


gold-members Gold Membership

At the 2010 Annual General Meeting of members, a gold membership scheme was introduced. It is a voluntary scheme to enable organisations to do more in promoting CSR by providing more financial support to the Global Compact. Organisations which choose to contribute $1,500 as their membership fees are considered gold corporate members, gold institutional members or gold associate members depending on their membership category. Gold members enjoy the same benefits as those of ordinary members and abide by the same Constitution and Rules of the Global Compact.

You can see the full list of our Gold members alongside.

Full list of membership benefits
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