The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) recently announced an alignment towards a mandatory fee structure for all Members globally. With that, all Local Networks (LNs) globally have to make the necessary chnages to membership fees.

The move is a call for all Members to align their business strategies and operations, provide Members with global reach, and be recognised as part of the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Based on the new structure, the membership fee will be determined by the company size of the member in terms of its annual revenue. Please refer to the table below on the revised fee structure:

 Website - Fee table 4

An exciting year ahead with the many key events and initiatives planned for our members:

  • New GCNS Corporate Website with exclusive Members Portal
  • Sustainability Solutions Expo showcasing companies and visitors from the business and investors communities
  • CEO Roundtables
  • GCNS Sustainability Self Assessment Instrument to measure and understand members' sustainability efforts 
  • Training Workshops
  • Complimentary Workshops on SDGs
  • UNGC Regional Meeting involving the ASEAN business community
  • 10th GCNS Annual Summit
  • Annual Apex Awards Gala Dinner


Download Membership Packages here.