The 2016 International CSR Summit by Global Compact Network Singapore

CSR Summit 2015

Join Global Compact's 8th edition of its flagship summit event! This year's theme is 'Sustainability for the Future Economy'.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) evaluation, Paris Agreement and the ASEAN Community coming into fruition as well as Singapore’s own 50th birthday as a nation (SG50) were landmark events in 2015. Nonetheless, amidst all these successes, Singapore began the year with signs pointing to a slower economic growth in the coming year. The Singapore government has thus assembled a committee to explore our future economy and how we should chart the nation’s economic development plans. This forum provides an excellent opportunity for the business community to work closely in reshaping how we define growth with possible new business models that would be more inclusive in nature, and ensure that the triple bottom line can be achieved. For more programme and sponsorship details, contact Ms Diana Chng, Manager, Projects This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.