Siloso Beach Resort’s 10th Year Anniversary

This year, Siloso Beach Resort is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. The last 10 years have seen the resort grow from a little known entity to one that has a distinctive established brand and a corporation which has become at the forefront of the sustainability movement in Singapore.

Despite the appearances, the path has not been an easy one. In fact it is a journey of a business which has been systematically persistent at pursuing a goal of differentiation and a strong will to make an impact by not simply by running a unique business but at the same time giving back to nature and society through reinvestments.

A distinctive and very successful program run by the establishment has been its Eco Tour which was set in 2010 to showcase the unique sustainable business model to a broad range of stakeholders. This year the tours attendances have passed the 15,000 mark and still going strong.

The recognitions that the resort has gotten for its achievements especially in the sustainability space have been overwhelming with a multitude of awards received including the highest local honours such as the President’s Award for the Environment and even beyond at the regional level with the ASEAN Business Award.

Moving on from this success, the resort has plans to go through the next decade with even bigger achievements. So keep an eye for SBR and if you would like to be part of this journey do not hesitate to contact us as we always welcome onboarding partnerships and new adventures.

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