Global Compact New Members (December 2016)

Gold Members

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About Us 

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. Our company purpose is to create everyday essentials to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring. We aim to create a protected, colorful world through our commitment to sustainability, human cities initiative and innovation.

Why did we join?
As a company that adopts a Planet Possible sustainability strategy, we are committed to doing less with more and creating more values with fewer resources. Thus, joining GCNS is one of the ways AkzoNobel can help to support Singapore’s goal in becoming a sustainable nation.

Corporate Members

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PSB Academy Pte Ltd

About Us

Productivity is at the heart of PSB Academy. Once known as Singapore's Productivity and Standards Board, PSB Academy today ranks as one of Singapore’s leading private education institutions. Our full-time and part-time diploma, degree and post-graduate programs focus on what really matters: performance in the real-world. We aim to appeal to millennials looking for an industry-ready education as well as early to mid-career professionals looking to upgrade themselves and become industry- ready.

Why did we join?
PSB Academy is committed to nurturing the next generation of industry-ready workers and leaders who have the right tools and skills to make a positive impact on their community.

Institutional Member

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Code for Asia Society Ltd

About Us
Code for Asia Society Ltd. believes that coding is the next generation literacy and is committed to bringing this capability into diverse communities. We organise workshops, hackathons, competitions, overseas expeditions and innovative educational experiences to make this happen. Using a gamified problem-based learning approach, our work has impacted learners of all ages, taking us from rural villages to universities. We aim to empower communities to develop the technological competencies that they need to solve their own problems.

Why did we join?
We would like to work closely with the CSR community, to partner and create impactful social change together across Asia. We would like to engage corporates in skills-based volunteering, impact giving, 1-for-1 programmes etc.


Associate Member

Etch Empathy

Etch Empathy Ltd 

About Us
At Etch Empathy, we are passionate about making the world a happier place by planting seeds of empathy in children & youths, educators and parents. Using authentic stories, we design multi-sensory experiences that activate our participants' thoughts & emotions, allowing them to look at the world through the lens of others. Our programs can prepare participants’ to engage their head and heart in connecting with their family, friends and community.

Why did we join?
With more complex challenges in the 21st century, we could see more prejudice, conflict, inequality and poverty. We believe corporates can play a significant role in building a culture of empathy in society, reduce prejudice, assist in eliminating poverty, contributing positive change to other, self and a flourishing Singapore, thus future proofing our way of life.