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Asia Research and Engagement

About Us

Asia Research and Engagement (ARE) was founded in 2013. ARE helps financial institutions, companies, and civil society organisations understand the financial, business, and strategic relevance of sustainability and governance issues. Founder, Mr Benjamin McCarron is a former fund manager and an award-winning researcher with 15 years' experience in mainstream finance and sustainability.

ARE's recent work includes:

- structuring collaborative investor-company engagements relating to seafood sourcing and coal capex

- providing target lists of ESG interested investors for a large Asian listed company

- writing the Malaysia and Thailand chapters for ACGA's biennial publication, CG Watch

- writing reports on palm oil growers and consumer companies for CLSA and presenting to investors across Asia, Europe, and North America

- co-authored with WWF the publication Sustainable Finance in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia (2015)

Why did we join?

We felt that GCNS would be the appropriate platform to engage and network with sustainability professionals in Singapore.

Gone Adventurin

Gone Adventurin

About Us
Gone Adventurin is a B Corporation certified Business Consultancy & Program Execution Partner for companies seeking to grow their business through Sustainability & Social Responsibility. We specifically work on circular economy to tackle issues such as waste, sustainable supply chain or water scarcity. Our vision is to enable companies to innovative and grow their business by integrating the Global Sustainable Development Goals into their business. We have been working with various companies from different industries such as Unilever, P&G, Danone, Barclays A*star but also government bodies such as A*Star or National Environmental Agency in Singapore.

Why did we join?
Our mission it aligned to GCNS. Our aim is to help businesses to grow while being responsible at the same time. By being a GCNS member, we expect to learn and share best responsible business practices.