Global Compact New Members (March 2017)

Corporate Members


Asia Business Resource Centre

About Us

Asia Business Resource Centre is a 12-year-old Singaporean company providing business communications and sustainability reporting. We are aligned to GRI reporting standards. We understand the demands of day-to-day operations and work with reporting organizations to successfully publish their sustainability reports for the first time. For organizations that wish to develop their own in-house expertise, we facilitate knowledge transfer and coaching to enable publishing of their sustainability reports independently.

Why did we join?

We are a member of Global Compact Network Singapore as part of their network of professional practitioners and to support their CSR activities in Singapore.


The Inceptery Pte Ltd 

About Us
A collaborative and transdisciplinary consultancy focusing on innovation for sustainability. We believe that sustainability is the driver of innovation. We work with organizations to help to understand, innovate and apply sustainability and sustainable practices. We design strategies and solutions, and build capabilities through innovation and all-encompassing systems-level approach. We work on products and services, strategy, business model, processes, culture and brand to generate long-term business success yielding top and bottom line returns. Giving equal priorities to the triple P, we strive to bring excellence by developing advantage that enables transition towards growth and in hopeful vision.

Why did we join?
We joined GCNS network for exchange of knowledge, new ideas, networking and collaboration opportunities on a journey towards sustainable development. We aim to create shared value, where practitioners from all sectors partner together in implementing sustainable and restorative strategies and solutions in their organisations for better business and better life for all.