GCNS Youth & Appreciation Tea

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The Youth & Outreach Appreciation Tea (Appreciation Tea) held on 5 July 2017 had 29 attendees. The attendees comprises of Institute of Higher Learning lecturers, programme administers and youth officers from youth organisation. The objective of the Appreciation Tea was to firstly, thank the stakeholders of the Youth & Outreach business unit of Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) for their support over the years and more importantly, to foster stronger relationship between GCNS and its stakeholders.

Dr Ryan Wun, Deputy Executive Director at GCNS gave his opening remarks. Following which, Ms Mayshan Mashita, Assistant Manager of Youth & Outreach introduced the different Youth & Outreach activities at the session. Ms Shonalie Raha and Ms Rachel Kenyon, Co-Chairperson and committee member of Volunteer Management of the GCNS Youth Forum 2017 Youth Organising Committee (YOC) respectively were invited to share their experience as a YOC and how being involved in the YOC had benefitted team as an individual.

Ms Wong Dan-Chi, Director, Paia Consulting was also invited to share her experience as a past participating mentor at the CDL-GCNS Young CSR Leaders Award (YCSRLA). She shared the role of the mentor to the finalist teams of YCSRLA and the benefits to the student teams. After the series of sharing session, upcoming events of the Youth & Outreach business unit were shared with the participants.

The Appreciation Tea ended with a short networking session.