Every drop matters

By Christopher Ang, Executive Director, Singapore Compact for CSR

February 2014 has broken historical records as the driest month in Singapore over the past 145 years. While forecasts are for the rains to return later this month, all of us can play a part to maximise our water resources in the meantime.

Businesses use 41% of our country’s portable water, and much of it is used for our cooling systems and for washing. There are ways in which companies can reduce water usage and these include installing the right equipment and conducting regular checks to ensure that systems are functioning properly.

Having businesses start conserving water makes sense: not only are we stretching water resources in this dry weather, in the long term it helps businesses cut down on operating costs – which means savings for your companies. PUB’s website has a host of tips that you can look at to start looking into ways to save water, and I encourage you to take a look at them.

Singapore Compact is also organising a visit to a NEWater plant for our members later this month so that they can learn more about managing water usage in their companies. Come be part of our network of CSR advocates so that you enjoy the benefits of such sharing and networking sessions.

Let's be reminded that Singapore has come a long way to be more water sufficient, and that's because we realise that every drop matters.

dry leaf

Image courtesy of dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net