Eco Action Day 2014


Many of us are familiar with energy saving bulbs, recycled paper, biodegradable bottles or even the Bring Your Own Bag initiative at the nearest supermarket. All these green activities are part of our collaborative effort in resource and environmental conservation. With recycling happening all year round, awareness for environmental conservation climaxes particularly on World Environment Day (WED) each year.


Observed on 5th June, WED is a global day for positive environmental action and brings political attention to pressing environment issues. It has also grown to be one of the main highlights on the United Nations (UN) calendar since its first initiation in 1972. This UN Environment Programme hopes individuals can realize their environmental responsibility and be agents of change in creating a sustainable living habitat.


This year, WED will be celebrating under the theme of Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Low-lying coastal islands are more inclined to face environmental vulnerability due to their unique development, especially in the face of climate change and rising sea levels. Their efforts to overcome environmental challenges including degradation of natural resources, unsustainable consumption and extreme natural disasters are certainly worth learning.


Unlike many other SIDS around the world, Singapore is blessed with a safe geographical location. We may not be experiencing extreme natural disasters on our tiny Red Dot, but we should still take steps to protect ourselves against environmental vulnerabilities like food and water scarcity, rise in sea levels and climate change.


Building on WED, Eco Action Day organized by Ricoh Asia Pacific is a nationwide campaign celebrating concurrently on 5th June to encourage positive environmental action in Singapore. The theme, 'Green the Red Dot, Join the Movement', calls on organizations and individuals to pledge their action for reduced consumption, thereby cutting carbon emissions. Ricoh and Eco-Business will also be hosting the inaugural Eco Action Day Panel Discussion to further commemorate this special day dedicated to environmental awareness.  Our collaborative effort can make a difference for Singapore to be more resilient to environmental changes, and we can make a bigger difference to our Earth.


Let's Green the Red Dot, and be part of the movement today!


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