February Newsletter

Dear Friends,



We recently read the newly released annual Human Rights World Watch 2016 report which details the issues in human rights in the past year by country. Boiling down to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS), as an organisation and its members, advocate for responsible business practices and are aligned with the UN Global Compact Network (UNGC) 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.



At the workplace, the quality of life of your employees is related to their work environment. Is the workplace one that’s inclusive, and one that promotes a diverse employee base and views? Are companies doing enough to ensure that they are providing their employees the right tools to do their jobs?



Recently, an employee of Yelp USA’s blog post about her workplace went viral. In her blog post, she stated that she and her other colleagues deserve a living wage -- they are not making enough to afford groceries or to pay their rent in a high-cost-of-living city. This incident by one employee has put Yelp under a negative spotlight, worldwide.


Certainly, there are two sides to the story.



The gist of it is - is your company leadership putting enough effort to ensure that you are listening enough to your employees, especially with a substantive millennial workforce who seek to be engaged, listened to and heard?


What is good business practice and PR for companies? The simple answer: how you engage and/or treat your employees. Companies should care about their employees and be tuned in to what their employees are saying about the leadership on the ground. Second, having a sustainable business practice at the core.



Employees and consumers are much more educated in these times. To stay profitable and to be able to contribute to the industry or community, it’s more important than ever to be involved and engaged in CSR.


On a related note, our rebranding as Global Compact Network Singapore has brought momentum to the sign ups of UNGC signatories. There were 10 new signatories since we changed our name in June 2015, and the current number of Singapore signatories currently stand at 65.



The inclusion of Singapore Business Federation (SBF) as a Principal Member has also made GCNS stronger in that plans are underway for SBF’s Sustainability Development Business Group to be integrated with the GCNS Secretariat to make it a much stronger outfit to forge ahead with the growth of CSR in Singapore. More details of this merger will follow soon as to how our combined activities will bring about better synergised offerings to our collective members.


As the Compact moves into a new phase of development, we welcome you to collaborate with us so that together we can build our business community into a force for good, and one that is growing from strength to strength.


Also, it’s the season of awards. Submit your entries and stay tuned!


Best Wishes,

Christopher Ang

Executive Director

Global Compact Network Singapore


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