By Christopher Ang, Executive Director, Singapore Compact for CSR

February 2014 has broken historical records as the driest month in Singapore over the past 145 years. While forecasts are for the rains to return later this month, all of us can play a part to maximise our water resources in the meantime.

Businesses use 41% of our country’s portable water, and much of it is used for our cooling systems and for washing. There are ways in which companies can reduce water usage and these include installing the right equipment and conducting regular checks to ensure that systems are functioning properly.



Many of us are familiar with energy saving bulbs, recycled paper, biodegradable bottles or even the Bring Your Own Bag initiative at the nearest supermarket. All these green activities are part of our collaborative effort in resource and environmental conservation. With recycling happening all year round, awareness for environmental conservation climaxes particularly on World Environment Day (WED) each year.



By Thomas Thomas , Executive Director, Singapore Compact for CSR

Over the past few days, we have seen picture after picture of desolation in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda: families torn apart, cities in ruins, people in great need of food and water.