systems thinking

Held jointly with GCNS Gold Member, Impact International, the one-day Systems Thinking workshop on 29 November 2017 facilitated an introduction to the fundamentals of systems in a real-world context, which allowed participants to explore current global and regional sustainability challenges to business and society, from a non-linear perspective.

Participants engaged in conceptual discussions, experiential activities and reflection, which generated insights and understanding that can be brought forward to their organisations. Through the workshop, participants understood issues of sustainability from a systems-level context, and how they can overcome the boundaries of linear thinking through graphical systems mapping. 


Invited by National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) on 21 November 2017 to engage in a dialogue session as part of its Company of Good Fellowship Programme, GCNS addressed the importance and relevance of both sustainability and corporate giving in businesses.

The panel, which was moderated by an independent consultant, Patsian Low, consisted of Wilson Ang, Executive Director of GCNS, Lawrence Loh, Professor at the National University School of Business and Andrew Buay, Vice President of Group Sustainability in Singtel.

The panellists shared extensively on their experience in engaging their stakeholders on corporate giving and sustainability work and the positive outcomes that they had reaped for their respective organisations through their initiatives in corporate giving. 

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