SSE Briefing

Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS) will be organising a Sustainable Solutions Expo from 5 - 6 June 2018. Held in conjunction with Temasek's Ecosperity, Stewdardship Asia Centre's Stewardship Roundtable and GCNS CEO Roundtable, the Expo will showcase regional SMEs which provide sustainable solutions under one roof. Uniting these SMEs from different sub-sectors through inclusive and collaborative approach provides a fresh lens in promoting sustainability.

The objective of the Expo is to position Singapore as the regional nucleus for showcasing innovative sustainable solutions. Collateral benefits include connecting like-minded businesses, facilitating the sharing of best practices in sustainability, and providing a platform to attract investors and other players interested in sustainable financing.

An introductory session was held on 16 November 2017 at SBF Centre to provide potential partners and exhibitors at the Expo a better overview of the Expo. GCNS invited Mr James Tan, Chairman of BANSEA and Managing Partner of Quest Ventures and Mr Colin Lee, Director of Corporate Affairs, Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings to share insights on "Considerations when making an investment choice" and "Business opportunities as part of an MNC's sustainable value chain". Mr Wilson Ang, Executive Director of GCNS moderated the sessions. Participants had a fruitful discussion and were able to have a better understanding on how investors and MNCs make investment decisions.

gone adventurin

Held on 9 November 2017, our Gold Member Gone Adventurin’s 5th event of its “Get Wasted” series on Circular Economy and Waste Management gathered prominent corporates and social entrepreneurs to share their expertise in the field of Sustainability. In collaboration with Gone Adventurin, GCNS participated in the panel discussion on the topic of Packaging, Material Choice and Design for Recyclability.

During the event, Ashwin Subramaniam, CEO and Co-founder of Gone Adventurin, Wilson Ang, Executive Director of GCNS, Ian Hayes, Packaging Director at GSK, and Amita Chaudhury, Regional Head of Sustainable Business at Unilever, shared about solutions and initiatives to move towards 100% recyclable packaging. 

Participants of the insightful networking event benefitted from an informative session on plastic waste management and engaged in dialogues with professionals in the field of sustainability.

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