GCNS will like to extend our heartiest congratulations to our Gold Members, Ricoh Company Limited and City Developments Limited (CDL) for obtaining recognition from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the non-profit global environmental disclosure platform


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CDP Climate A List 2017

Ricoh Company Limited
Ricoh is among 5% of the companies participating in CDP's climate change program to be featured on CDP Climate A List 2017. The list is made up of companies that have been recognized as global leaders and who have demonstrated excellent results for their actions and strategies in response to climate change. In a declaration to their goal of eliminating greenhouse gases by 2050, Ricoh seeks to improve the energy efficiency of their products and encourage their business partners and customers to work together towards this common goal.


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Sustainable developments by CDL

City Developments Limited
CDL is among one of four companies in the Hong Kong and Southeast Asia region to have attained Leadership Level for its 2017 Climate Disclosure with CDP. A
s early as 2008, CDL took the lead as the first Singapore company to publicly disclose its carbon emissions with CDP. It sought to be a pioneer in carbon management through emissions target setting and public disclosure. Presently, CDL’s score of A- reflects the company’s thorough understanding of the risks and opportunities of climate change, its positive management actions and efforts towards climate change mitigation, and adoption of sustainability best practices and strategies to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

For more information on Ricoh's achievements, click here.
For details on CDL's achievements, visit here.

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About CDP
CDP is an international non-profit organization that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Voted the number one climate research provider by investors, and working with institutional investors with assets of US$100 trillion, they leverage investor and buyer power to motivate companies to disclose and manage their environmental impact. Over 6,300 companies with some 55% of global market capitalization disclosed environmental data through CDP in 2017. This is in addition to the over 500 cities and 100 states and regions who disclosed, making CDP's platform one of the richest sources of information globally on how companies and governments are driving environmental change. CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a founding member of the We Mean Business Coalition.


Gold Members

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Turnkey Group

About Us 

Turnkey Group is a leading sustainability platform which provides transparency to a company’s environmental, social and governance impact. Turnkey helps companies to improve efficiencies and develop optimization best practices using sustainability analytics as a key driver towards maximizing the triple bottom line. Turnkey further helps companies to assess sustainability risk within the supply chain through a scalable technology platform. The company works with major international standards such as GRI, CDP and SDGs among many others. The system is compliant to the reporting requirements of the Singapore Exchange and the Hong Kong Exchange.

Why did we join?

GCNS offers Turnkey an excellent way to access the sustainability network in Singapore and around Asia. The organisation has supported and assisted Turnkey's entry into the Singapore market. This enabled us to develop our product into the region through the strong network connectivity.

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About Us

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd is one of the top life insurance companies in Singapore, serving the financial and protection needs of the country's citizens for 86 years. The company has an AA Financial Strength Rating from leading credit rating agency Standard and Poor's, with S$31.5 billion funds under management as at 31 December 2016. It delivers a suite of well-rounded product offerings in Protection, Savings and Investment through multiple distribution channels including a network of more than 4000 financial consultants.

Why did we join?

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd is committed to giving back to local communities and supporting a caring and inclusive society through long-term partnerships. GCNS is a great platform for members of the business community to connect and collaborate meaningfully on sustainability issues in Singapore.


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  Carbon Care Asia Limited

About Us

Carbon Care Asia Limited (CCA) is a leading provider of services in carbon strategy and sustainability innovation. Our mission is to achieve a zero carbon economy for all by promoting sustainability practices and raising climate competence in business, finance, government and community organisations. Operating as a social business, CCA stands uniquely in the middle of the spectrum between NGOs and fully commercial consultancies. This enables us to provide independent and expert advice through a market-based approach applying the best international reporting standards.

Why did we join?

CCA has long recognised the synergy between climate action and all the other dimensions of sustainable development. The founders of CCA participated in World Summit on Sustainable Development meetings and attended advisory meetings in the early days of United Nations Global Compact's establishment, believing that corporate action on environmental and social issues is an essential ingredient for progress.

Corporate Member

  A.I. Logo

 Angels of Impact

About Us
Angels of Impact believe that we can end poverty and give the impoverished control of their lives. We do this by supporting social enterprises that are working on poverty alleviation, helping them to grow into sustainable businesses. Our focus lies in empowering women and to maximise the social impact of money. 

Why did we join?

We see the strategic interest of rallying behind the United Nations' SDGs in creating a world without poverty together with UNGC, the network of partners and collaborators. 


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Tricom Events Pte Ltd

About Us

To build a prosperous and eventful business, logic dictates that we breed our success upon our clients' success. This simple yet fundamental thinking grounds us in everything we do. It is also why TRICOM has been appointed to deliver some of the region's most prominent events; including APEC Singapore, the Lee Kuan Yew Prize Award Ceremony & Banquet, The Singapore Summit, ASEAN Meetings, and The Shangri-La Dialogue, amongst many others. Our clients are MNCs, blue-chip companies, government bodies and GLCs that seek our efficiencies and thought leadership to either grown or inaugurate an internationally targeted event for business leaders or policymakers. TRICOM's ability to always deliver adds holistic value to mutually beneficial partnerships and is the basis for which the team has earned solid credentials for consistently executing unique, premium business-to-business events.

Why did we join?

To play our part in the national CSR movement, and to contribute in our own way to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.



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