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Getting your sustainability report checked

A sustainability reporter using G3.1 guidelines today can submit the report for a GRI Application Level Check, to confirm the extent to which the report has addressed the disclosure items in GRI's framework and guidelines. The check helps to make reports more comprehensible for report users by confirming the completeness and correctness of a report’s GRI Content Index - and its effectiveness as a navigation mechanism for report users.

All GRI-checked reports receive an Application Level Check Statement, which has a grade of ‘A/A+’, ‘B/B+’ or ‘C/C+’. It is worth noting that the grade indicates the extent to which the framework has been applied for the report, and does not indicate the quality of or the information disclosed in the report.

The application level check is complementary to an external assurance of the report and should be included in the published report as formal confirmation of the report's Application Level. Reports that are externally assured receives a ‘+’ rating.

The application level checks will cease with reports using the G4 guidelines. (Find out more about the difference between the G3.1 and G4 frameworks here). With the G4 framework's focus on materiality so that sustainability reports focus  on the organisation's most critical sustainability-related issues, the GRI has introduced a 'Materiality Matters' Check, where reports are assessed on the identification of material aspects and boundaries instead of the completeness of information disclosed. Organisations with reports that are found to be satisfactory by GRI in its materiality disclosure will be given a 'Materiality Matters' icon, which can include in the final report.

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