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    Thought Leadership on Anti-Corruption: "Honour and Integrity in the Stewardship of Business"


    From left to right: Mr Eef Gerard Van Emmerik (Bird and Bird ATMD), Dr Ryal Wun (GCNS), Professor Lawrence Loh (CGIO), Mr Phua Meng Geh (CPIB).


    The GCNS Thought Leadership event on Honour and Integrity in the Stewardship of Business took place on 27 June 2018. There was great input from our distinguished panel of speakers, ranging the public, private and academic sectors on areas such as the CPIB Corruption Control Framework, what companies can do to prevent corruption, and anti-bribery management systems. The panel discussion was moderated by our Deputy Executive Director, Dr Ryal Wun.

    We sincerely thank our 3 speakers for their sharing:
    - Mr Eef Gerard Van Emmerik (Bird and Bird ATMD)
    - Professor Lawrence Loh (Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations, NUS Business School)
    - Mr Phua Meng Geh (Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau)

    We would also like to thank all attendees for their participation.


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